Photos from September 8 Pick Up

A little late, but here are the photos from the September 7-9 pickup. Check out the fabulous produce Keith grew for us!

Included in one share was:
1 bag kale
1 half bag swiss chard
6 onions
salvage green onions
4-6 kolorabi
1 cabbage
1/2lb broccoli
2lbs red tomatoes
2lbs green tomatoes
1/2lb peas
2lbs beans
4 cauliflower
4lbs potatoes
3 cucumber
1lrg/2sm zucchini
4 cobs corn
salvage bokchoy
salvage radishes
1.5lbs beets
salvage beet tops
1.5 lbs carrots
1 jar tomatoes
& an abundance of fresh herbs!
FOR SALE: pickles, honey, flour, flax, eggs, wild rice, and more!

It’s not too late to join!

One response to “Photos from September 8 Pick Up

  1. I dried and crumbled the herbs and now have little jars of lovely herbs for the winter. I also froze beans and cabbage. When we are eating it thru winter we will be reminded of how fresh and wonderful the produce from Keith is. Thanks Keith. Mary,.

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