Update from Keith, our Farmer

We’ve had a hell of a time here through this monsoon! Who was the idiot that wanted a inch of rain??

The first picture is what’s left of the spinach, it can’t take the rain, so no spinach this time but we’ll have romaine lettuce, green onions, radishes (little old) and some baby swisschard in place of the spinach plus of course carrots and potatoes…no… Not new ones yet! But we have a beautiful crop of spuds growing.


A little wet and a lot weedy, we lost a week of weeding and it shows. The boys are working hard trying to catch up. We have had cutworms and root maggots again but not too much damage yet. The cold frame collapsed in the storm (check out the pictures!). It looks like I’ll have to replace it with a stronger frame. We need heat and sun now!!!!


I got a surprise bonus calf, a cull cow that I bought from a neighbour that I didn’t get around to butcher had a calf, a nice sized red and white face bull calf….right on! I need some good luck.


Some are growing and some are dying but we’ll get lots in the freezer. We are on track for the Aug delivery, yum yum fresh chicken!

Your farmer

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