How Does CSA Work?

ECO Farm member packing her goods from her box on delivery day

The basic CSA model is simple: you hire and pay the farmer to grow/produce your food. With Etomami Community Organics the initial sign-up requirement is the garden farm share.  You have the option of a summer only share or the year-round option.

With the summer only share it is kind of like growing your own garden.  You sign up in March/April when the farmer plants the garden and you receive fresh organic vegetables as they mature.  During the summer there are two deliveries per month and this typically continues until October.

With the year round garden share you receive the summer box plus get frozen veg and stored root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beets and onions until they run out.  Typically that is sometime close to spring.  Some years we get carrots and potatoes right up until summer. During the winter there is only one delivery per month.

Etomami Community Organics also offers you the option of purchasing beef, chicken, or eggs as well of various other valued added items like dried legumes, honey, and flour. You add up the costs of each of the products you choose, and then sign a contract with your farmer and pay him that amount of money each month in exchange for those products either using postdated cheques or auto debit. Both consumer and farmer share in the production risks and benefits.ECO Farm members invest in the farm in May and commit for one year to ensure that the planted crops and meat raised are compensated for.

Keith delivers products to drop off locations twice a month during the growing season and once a month during the winter and spring. Currently there is one drop off station in Saskatoon, one in Regina, one in Prince Albert, one in Moose Jaw, one in Yorkton, and one in Canora. Other locations will be considered upon request.