(NOTE – the CSA is currently closed)

Regarding the operation of the CSA:

What are the delivery times and locations?
See our schedule page for up-to-date information.

What happens if I know in advance that I won’t be able to make a pick-up because I’m out of town?
You can either get that food in the next delivery if it can be stored (so you’d get two delivery’s worth at once), or it can be split so that you get half of it the month before and half of it the month after. Most people will make arrangements for a friend, family member, or fellow ECO Farm member to pick up their share when out of town.

What happens if I completely forget and miss my pick-up?
Keith will take your food back to the farm. If it can be stored, you can get it the next delivery.

What happens if I become a member and then am unable to complete my commitment due to moving or something like that?
We will simply cancel your contract.

What if we don’t like Brusselsprouts (as an example)? Can we choose not to get them and get something else instead?
Keith grows a huge selection of vegetables.  It is amazing what can be grown in Saskatchewan! If you are an urban member you can simply not take your share of any veg you don’t like…or give your share to someone else at pick-up.  If you are a rural member and get a pre-packed box you can choose to not order what you don’t want.  Keith checks with all his box members each month as to the frozen veg they want…root veg however you get regardless.

Can we order a specific cut of meat once as part of our monthly amount of beef?
No, you can order hamburger only, or sausage and burger.

Do we have to get our set amount of chickens/beef/eggs evenly spread out each month, or can we ask to get more of our chickens one month and fewer the next, for example?
You could get your year’s supply of chickens and beef whenever you’d like it if available. You may not always be able to ask for many dozen of your eggs at once, however, as the chickens tend to produce roughly what is needed to fill every member’s order, and they don’t take special requests!

Does Keith have extras of all of his products, and how do I know what Keith has available for extras each delivery?
Keith sends out an email just before his delivery which lists the extra products he’ll have for sale. He should have extra beef at all times, and often has extra chickens as well. The amount of extra veggies he has will depend on the year.

Why shouldn’t I just go to the pick-up with cash and buy whatever extras he has that I want, instead of becoming a member?
Keith aims to only grow as much food as he expects he’ll need to fill his member’s orders. Any surplus is not guaranteed.

Regarding the food:

Is the meat (beef and chicken) really organic/GMO free/hormone free?

The beef is raised organic and hormone free. If a cow is sick, Keith may give it a minimal dose of antibiotics to save it and then the cow is sold and culled from the CSA herd, but he does not give the herd antibiotics for any reason.

The chickens are purchased when they’re a day old, and are fed only organic grain and grass for their entire life.

None of the seeds Keith purchases are genetically modified. He does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the garden.

How “free range” are the cows and chickens?
The cows have 300+acres of pasture land to roam in the summer, and in the winter they are kept and fed in a large corral area roughly a ½ city block.
The chickens live in custom built A-frames, which are 8’x 30’ large and house 125 chickens. The A-frames are moved every day so that they cover a fresh patch of grass, which the chickens then “mow.” They are never caged but can’t be allowed to be outside the coops as the wild animals love to eat chicken also.

Are the veggies really organic?
Yes, the land has been organic since 1990. The grain crops are certified organic, and the garden is managed according to organic standards but hasn’t been certified as yet.

The eggs are free range and organic. Are they also Omega 3?
Yes, the eggs are Omega 3 as the feed has flax in the mix.

How long can you keep the eggs in the fridge?
You should use them within the month.

Should the flour be kept in the fridge to prevent it from going rancid?
It is best if you can freeze the flour.

Should the canned goods be kept in the refrigerator?
A cold room if the seal is not broken, the fridge if opened.

How long would the canned goods keep?
Years, if kept cool and dark.

What does it mean if I see a bit of green-coloured chicken? Can I eat it?
The vet said that the meat is sterile but I would cut out the green part anyway.

Why are the winter root vegetables not washed?
They store much better and longer if they are kept dry after harvesting.

Why are some of the frozen beans I have been getting black?
The black beans (dark green) are purple beans that are blanched.

How do I know if the seal on the canned goods is good?
The lid should be hard to lift, and it should make a suction sound or “pop” when you open it.

Can I eat the canned goods directly out of the can (jar), or do I need to cook them first?
Yes you can as they have been cooked or pickled already.

Can I eat the sausage the way it comes, or does it need to be cooked?
I recommend to cook the smoked sausage as well. Boiling is the best way then it won’t dry out.