Kim Regina ECO Farm member

I’m going into my third year as a member of Keith Neu’s CSA, and (as many other members have said) I can no longer imagine getting my food in any other way. I love knowing who my farmer is, knowing that he grows our food sustainably and ethically, and knowing that the food I get from him has a comparatively smaller carbon footprint because it’s coming to me from within the province. For me, contracting with Keith is an easy way to register my opposition to the unsustainability and inequity of the mainstream food system. The food is delicious, comes in greater quantities than I can keep up with, and keeps me eating a healthier and wider variety of vegetables than I probably would otherwise. I’ll be a member as long as Keith keeps growing food for all of us.

Jeff Regina ECO Farm member

I love knowing that I’m getting a box each month that’s going to have a bunch of good food.  I don’t have to make any decisions, just show up on the day and pick it up.  Having the one payment a month is great for food budgeting too.