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General news about what’s going on

Howdy from the farm!

It sure has been a long time since I last talked to you. There has been a few new developments here on the farm that I would like to share with you. First, remember my crazy sister walking around with a camera, well, she has made a two segment you tube videos called “Your Farmer Keith” ,

Please check it out, like, and share it. She might be able to market it into a few more segments as I haven’t quit farming!

That brings me to the next piece of news. I have made a deal with the Co-op foods stores to supply them with my Ecofarm Lettuce! Love them or hate them, the Co-op is the only store chain that is actively helping local growers like me. So please, help me out and go to your local co-op store and talk to the produce manager to order in a case of my certified organic lettuce with the same great taste!

Thank you,
Your Farmer, Keith


Last Delivery April 2017

Dear Ecofarm Members
This is a hard letter to write!

KeithWith deep regret and sadness I have to inform you that my last delivery will be in April and will be discontinuing the CSA. I’m sorry, but the declining membership and the age of myself and the truck forces me to stop now. I hate to do this but it’s time to quit. To my loyal members, you are not only members, you are friends and I will miss seeing you. Your support over the years has meant a great deal to me. However, I will be supplying The Farmers Table and possibly the Wandering Market with produce in the summer so you will still be able to enjoy the excellent produce through them.

Over the years we’ve had at least 250 members past through the CSA and it’s disheartening to only have 80 long time members. You know the commitment you have to have to belong to this. Over the years, if word of mouth doesn’t help to keep enough people then nothing will! When I started , I was hoping to change the farm from growing commodities to food production, I feel that I succeeded in my goal but producing and marketing the food is too much work for one person.

So here’s the plan:
I have a fair amount of extra chicken so if you have space to store them order them now for March or April delivery. My butcher will be open until April so if you want to stock up on ground beef, order now! All the frozen chicken pieces (breast, thighs, legs) will be half price, hemp hearts are a good price along with the coffee so have at it. I have soup stock chicken and beef bones, ribs, tongue etc; to give away along with anything else in storage. In April, help yourself to any frozen veg. that is left, there won’t be much except tomatoes and zucc., I think.

Remember, you aren’t just members, you are friends! You are always welcome to come to visit anytime!

your farmer

November 2016 delivery postponed

Due to the holiday weekend, this month’s pick up with be moved to the following weekend: Nov 18-20. Have a great long weekend #lestweforget

Member survey 2016

Hello all current members,

I’ll cut to the chase. Keith doesn’t have enough loyal members right now to really make the CSA work. And because we had a poor growing season this year, we know we risk losing some new members that haven’t seen yet how good it can really be to be part of a CSA!

But we are -considering-  a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MODEL, one where you get to choose what veggies you want or don’t want to purchase with your money… but we NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. It will take only *2 minutes** of your time. Please do it right now before it gets lost in a to do list (if you’re anything like me !!:):

Please also SHARE this with your friends via email and Facebook etc.  as there’s a spot where they can let us know if they are interested.

Thanks again!


Photos from January 16 2016 Pick Up

This gallery contains 15 photos.

The January pick up saw plenty of potatoes, carrots, onions and squash! The chickens started producing well as well, so there was extra eggs to go around! Check out the photos from the January 15-17 pickup. Included in one share … Continue reading

Early Bird Sign-Up Special!

We have a promo going on right now until March 31, 2016!

Early BIRD gets the BIRD (or a FREE month)!

New customers signing up by March 31 for their monthly organic produce starting in May, 2016 will receive a FREE month in April OR a FREE organic chicken!

Space is limited so sign up soon and tell your friends!


Saskatoon ECOFarm Members Give Back

Two Saskatoon ECOFarm members were accepting donations for the Lighthouse at the December pick up, and everyone was very generous!

Donations_0608 (1)

We all know Keith provides us with an abundance of fresh and frozen local organic vegetables each month. Some of us are away over the holidays so don’t need our whole share, others just wanted to give back – so donations were plenty!

Together we gave 5 chickens, half a dozen pounds of ground beef, a number of squash, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, frozen veggies, cabbage, onions – and so many eggs! Eleven boxes full of food in total – wow!

A big thank you Saskatoon – together we helped feed those less fortunate over the holiday season.

It’s never too late to join!