ECO Farm members sign a contract with the farm each spring and pay per month by including post-dated cheques (or direct debit) with their contract. Garden boxes can be purchased on a 6 month (summer or winter) or 12 month basis.

Sask ECOFarm is currently closed.

2016/17 cost per month (subject to change)

  • garden produce / box* $80.00  
  • beef (frozen, extra-lean ground only) / lb $6.00
  • roasting chickens pasture raised (frozen, 5-6lb) / bird $26.00
  • eggs / dozen $4.00

*fresh & frozen, feeds 1-2 adults

Click here to view a copy of the contract (pdf)

Click here to see a brochure for the ECOfarm (pdf)

You can order other goods as you need them, such as pickles, sauerkraut, perogies, flax, flour, and several other items, on top of your contract price.

To sign up, please contact:

Keith Neu, FARMER @
Fax 306 865-3824
Hudson Bay, SK