About the Garden Box

Keith Neu, our farmer, in the garden

In the summer/harvest (growing season) months, you get many types of vegetables, including: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts (sometimes), peas, beans (yellow and green), onions, carrots, beets, potatoes, rutabagas, squash, cabbage, kale (and herbs). I’m sure I’m forgetting others. As it is now, you cannot choose which veggies you want, but this may be something that changes in the future. The way some of us see it, the box forces us to eat all of our veggies!

In the winter/spring (off-season), you get all the stored and root veggies (potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage onions, rutabagas, squash, etc.) and frozen/canned veggies.

Sask ECOFarm is currently closed.