Grass-fed beef is a very healthy, lean meat, and compared to conventional beef, it is very low in saturated fats. With high protein and low fat levels, the biggest culprit for tough grass-fed beef is overcooking. This beef is made for rare to medium rare cooking. If you like well done beef, then cook your grass-fed beef at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture. Since grass-fed beef is so low in fat, coat with your favorite oil for flavour enhancement and easy browning.

Here’s a suggestions from an ECO Farm member:
I don’t have any specific recipes for cooking Keith’s beef, but what I do know is that when I cook his roasts at 225 F with a bit of water in the roasting pan, they come out just fine. Dry roasting is out, even for what would normally be a really tender cut, like sirloin. For barbecuing steaks, we sear them (thawed) for about 15 seconds per side and then finish them off on super low heat, as low as the flame will go. Everything else I just stew or pot roast. Moisture, moisture, moisture.

Do a web search – there’s plenty of info on cooking grass-fed beef available.